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    5 Ways to Cozy-Up Your Home For the Holidays

    As the snow fell in Minneapolis this past week, I’ve been desiring for a warmer and more comfortable home. With the holidays approaching, I’m going to be welcoming out-of-towners during Thanksgiving and Christmas break to reconnect with them after distance had separated us for months before. Friends and family are starting to excitedly add their Christmas decorations to their fireplace mantle, with freshly-baked sugar cookies sitting on Mom’s hand-me-down Santa plate. If you’re looking to add a cozier winter aesthetic to your home, these five tips are for you. Add candles. Everywhere. The home vanilla bean soy candle is one of my favorites for winter. As somebody who is extremely sensitive…

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    Plan With Me: November (FREE PRINTABLE)

    This past week, I became extremely ill. But with November approaching, this gave me the perfect opportunity to decorate my planner and make my weekly printables for this upcoming month. Drafting and following a schedule is essential in completing assignments and fulfilling your commitments, while also keeping your mental and physical health in check. I watch bullet journal flip-throughs and planner decoration videos for fun, so I wanted to take you through step-by-step how I plan my month. I am currently using a Kate Spade Agenda that I purchased here. I absolutely love this and its design. If you’re still looking for the perfect planner, I wrote this article and reviewed some…

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    A Story of God’s Timing: My Call To His Light

    As a child, Sunday mornings meant eating Dad’s pancakes while my parents read the morning newspaper after attending 8:30 am mass at the local Catholic Church. I studied in religious education courses on Wednesday nights throughout my K-12 career. My parents prayed with me every night before tucking me in for bed. God had always been a large part of my weekly routine. However, I never thought about what I was doing. I was mindlessly following Him because I was obeying my parents. I didn’t understand the gift I had been blessed with by living my early life within the presence of God. Because of this, shortly after being confirmed through…

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    Awareness for #WorldMentalHealthDay Is Still Important Even After October 10th

    Last week, my Instagram and Facebook feeds flooded with stories and references to mental health. People became completely vulnerable – sharing personal stories about their depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc. People shared stories about those they had lost to suicide, stories of lives put on hold because of battles overcoming mental illness. However, since October 10th, the internet remained silent on these issues. We can express our support for mental health via social media on the World Mental Health Day, but, according to the World Health Organization, “if we don’t act urgently, by 2030 depression will be the leading illness globally.” We absolutely cannot stay silent throughout the other 364 days…

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    7 Of The Best Planners For The #GirlBoss College Student This Fall

    Work schedules, internships, homework and exam dates, extracurricular activities, chores, workout schedules: these are some of the few things we as college students and young professionals must keep track of in our day-to-day lives. As I expanded my involvement in my university’s programs and resources, I needed to find a planner that could keep up with my busy lifestyle. In my opinion, planners are not a ‘one size fits all’ object; you really have to test and find the right one for you. While I’m a firm believer in bullet journals, in that they essentially allow you to design the planner that fits best with your schedule, many of us do…

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    Everybody Can Benefit From Attending The Next Global Leadership Summit, Not Just The Leaders

    One thing I love about Global Leadership Summit is the open registration for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO of a company and arrive in a full navy-suit or a self-starter college kid like myself who could wear jeans and sneakers, we’re all taken seriously because we’re all there to fulfill one common purpose: enriching our lives with lessons of leadership. But it’s more than leadership, every single speaker that presented at Day 2 of the Global Leadership Summit in some way or another connected their speech back into their daily routine and daily life. They tell us not only how to implement these lessons into our organization, but…

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    Global Leadership Summit Is More Than Business, It’s Life

    Two weeks ago, if you would have asked me to describe the Global Leadership Summit, I would not have known a single thing about it. I couldn’t tell you about the date, location, past speakers, goals of the conference… nothing. But, I was greatly blessed with the opportunity to attend a Live Stream of the 2018 Global Leadership Summit in a church on the outskirts of the Twin Cities. When I accepted my invitation to attend, I did not consider the immense impact the summit would have on my life. Today was only the first of two days for the Global Leadership Summit, but one day at GLS was all it took…

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    The Beginning of A Journey

    The journey began four years ago when I created my account on Tumblr. Throughout one year on Tumblr, I reblogged posts, photographs, songs, anything that spoke to me. But I also was able to post my own content, although rare. After some encouragement from friends who had been exposed to my writing through classes or personal projects, in 2015 I launched my free WordPress blog. Because I was a student in college, I posted intermittently on this page, and it acted more as a journal than a useful blog and something I would want to read. And while this blog was an easy way for me to document my experiences in college,…

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